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I encourage email from established families in my practice, click here to contact me if I have already seen your child in person. However, please remember that this should not be done in case of an emergency. I (or a covering doctor) will be available by telephone at all times for urgent matters at (212) 996-2995.

Email regarding patients that I have never seen in person may be sent by clicking here. While I cannot guarantee that I will be able to respond, I will try to help as best as I can without making any specific diagnosis or recommendation for care.

Finally, if you wish to contact my staff about scheduling, billing, or other similar issue, click here.

Contact with me indicates an acceptance of the terms of service. It is not possible to make any online communication absolutely secure. However, appropriate precautions will be taken at our end to ensure that this information is protected. Medical information will only be communicated in accordance with federal HIPAA guidelines for privacy and security.

Michael Rothschild, MD